Recorded talks and transcripts

To offer maximum flexibility at a time of conflicting demands, many of our speakers have kindly agreed to make their presentations available to those who could not make the live sessions. Below, you will find some recorded talks, transcripts and slides for the presentations, organised by seminar. We will upload recorded videos and slides after each session so be sure to check regularly.

We have allowed comments at the bottom of the page so that, should you wish, you can post questions or comments for our presenters.

Brexit, nationalism and national identities (January 11 2021)

Panel 1: Nationalism and national identities

Tamsin Parnell (University of Nottingham): United or Divided? Exploring the construction of Britishness in the pro- Brexit press and its socio-political implications.

Alicja Prochniak (Loughborough University): How identity politics and the use of political myths obscured threat assessment and formation of security and foreign policy strategies. Case study of Poland, 2008 – 2016.

Tabitha Baker (Bournemouth University): The Pathologisation of Brexit

Panel 2: Brexit

Veronika Koller (Lancaster University): Truth, lies and anti-populist discourse on Brexit

Transcript of David Lammy’s speech

Katy Brown (University of Bath): Two sides of the same (£) coin? The role of the official Leave and Remain campaigns in mainstreaming the far right discourse

Health communication (25th January 2021)

Panel 1

Dayei Oh (Loughborough University): Language of intolerance in 2018 Irish abortion referendum discussions on Twitter

Eleri Fowler (University of East Anglia): The poetics and politics of the ‘crisis of care’ in Anne Boyer’s The Undying

Panel 2

Dr Tara Coltman-Patel (Nottingham Trent University): Reproducing Scientific Discourse in Media Discourse: Turning Obesity Facts into Obesity Fiction

Social movements and protests (8 Feb 2021)

Panel 1: Social movements

Dr Abi Rhodes (University of Nottingham): Social movement communications in elections: UK anti-austerity and environmental campaigning 2015-2019

Zhe Liu (University of Leeds): Internet memes, digital activism and youth civic engagement in China: a multimodal corpus-based analysis of the Diba Expedition

Panel 2: Protests

Charlotte-Rose Kennedy (Nottingham Trent University) and Dr David Wright (Nottingham Trent University): Policing protests, or policing police? A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2019 Extinction Rebellion demonstrations

Weixiang Wang (University of Nottingham) and Dr Oana Burcu (University of Nottingham): The view from China on “Black Lives Matter”. Why do black lives matter for Beijing?

Political Personalities and Gender Politics (22nd Feb 2021)

Panel 1: Political Personalities

Callum Tindall (University of Nottingham): Populism, Culture and Class: Articulation and Performance in Contemporary British Populism

Rima Medjedoub (Mila University Centre): A Rhetorical Analysis of the Persuasive Strategies in Political Discourse: The case of Barack Obama’s 2012 electoral campaign Speeches

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